Songs I’ve Lived – Jimmy Buffett – Changing Channels

So, this is song is a special one for me. It was the encore at my first Jimmy Buffett concert. That was the concert before I moved from the only hometown I’d known in San Diego to Las Vegas.
It’s been appropriate entirely too often lately. It’s still one of my favorite Buffett songs even if it evokes some homesickness and tidal waves of nostalgia.

Songs I’ve Lived – Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

How does this fall under “Songs I’ve lived” you might ask? Yes, I lived in Las Vegas and I’ve gambled in more than a few towns in the vast state of nothingness known as Nevada. Now, all of my gambling experience has been in entirely legal establishments. That is all of my CASINO gambling experience…

We won’t talk about the guy I met in the New York New York casino in Las Vegas, NV shortly after my 21st birthday who wanted to go in on a pallet of wine, who said, “We’re Italians – We don’t play games.” and who I’m sure was a mafia hitman from later disguised interviews…

You see, there’s a lot more in life that falls under this song than just playing cards in casinos. There’s CDL school. There’s solo long haul OTR trucking. There’s learning to ride a motorcycle and then riding that insane machine all through Las Vegas.

Don’t get me started on helping to raise an 8yo daughter 🤣

Good times and if they weren’t good then, they’re freaking awesome looking back years later 😎

Songs I’ve Lived – Junior Brown – Highway Patrol

Dad was California Highway Patrol for about 31 years. He didn’t care for office or organizational politics. Dad was a patrol officer for his entire career by his own choice.

I remember Dad bringing his patrol car home for dinner a few times (especially on Thanksgiving) and letting me play with the PA system and lights on the car 😁

Dad’s a lot older now than when he retired back in the early 2000s. But Dad was and is a true American Badass 😎👍

Songs I’ve Lived – Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

It all goes back to high school and Sifrona. While we were never a “couple,” Sifrona Bailey was pretty much my soulmate and other half from the time we were in high school together until she passed away in her sleep in 2019.

Now, I’d been a Pink Floyd fan long before I met Sif at Poway High School. We were both big fans and we had a blast at the 3D laser light show down in Balboa Park.

Wish You Were Here became “our song” back in the day and it still is today. And how I wish Sifrona were here.

I still love you, Sif ❤

Now, if you’ll pardon me I’ve got to go see who’s chopping onions again…

Songs I’ve Lived – Floor Jansen – Alone (Cover)

Yes, this is another post in the “Songs I’ve Lived” series. And that’s because I definitely know this feeling deeply, personally, and repeatedly. The version most people know is by Heart and is great in its own way. It’s very energetic and very 1980s. This version with Floor Jansen is slowed way down, has no electric guitars or drums, and uses only Floor’s voice and a piano (played by a member of her first band who has a Knighthood and operates his own recording studio) to reach in and push so many emotional buttons…

As I said in an earlier post, sometimes I’ll explain the backstory with people, places, and history. Sometimes I won’t. A few of my friends will probably know the details on this one. But I’m not going to give details here or now.

Click, listen, and drink it all in.

Just Good Music – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

One of my cool memories from my time in trucking is the time I was approaching the Alabama border and this song came on the satellite radio 😎 And sealing in the awesomeness was seeing the road sign that said Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama right as the chorus came on 😉

Songs I’ve Lived – The Rolling Stones – Mixed Emotions

So, I’ve decided to start a few series of music & song related posts. This one is for songs that have fit parts of my life entirely too well during times in my life over the years 😎

Now, I might go into deeper details of exactly WHY and HOW a particular song fits in. You might just have to use your imagination 😁 That said, I’ll try to explain it 😉

In this case, I’ve been a Rolling Stones fan for quite a few decades. This one fits in a few ways. My brother has been a Rolling Stones fan for my entire life. I’ve been a fan since I can remember. We’ve been to five of their concerts together. The Steel Wheels album was released in August of 1989 and I had it on CD in high school and I always thought this was an awesome song.

Now, that last paragraph is entirely true. But that’s not the whole story. Go through the lyrics and you’ll see there’s a deeper meaning. As in relationships between a couple of people.

Yes, it goes that deep and much deeper. No, I’m not going to fill in those gaps.

But it’s definitely a song I’ve lived more than once!

Hazy Shade of Winter Today

Today reminded me of one of my favourite 80s songs. It’s a cover of a Simon and Garfunkel song called Hazy Shade of Winter by The Bangles.

As you can see, the terms hazy, drab, gloomy, icy, and snowy all describe the weather and overall feel of the weather in central Utah today.

Now, for those not familiar with the song, I invite you to click above and see what a difference a song makes 😉 This is what I think of anytime the weather turns like this and it always brightens my day 😎