My Roces CDG Paris Skates
My Roces CDG Paris Skates = These are from the 1990s and feature period correct decoration

Nearly a year’s passed since I left my former career in long haul trucking. Life has been turbulent to say the least. I’ve finally had a chance to start going through all sorts of stuff in storage and that was put away while I wasn’t home most of the time and I’ve found some cool stuff. I’ve found my remote weather station, my 35mm and Polaroid cameras, old cellphones, and so much more. To quote Jimmy Buffett, times are tough, I’ve got too much stuff! Can’t explain the likes of me LOL!

These skates aren’t genuine Rollerblade brand, but even if it’s not this way now, Rollerblade was used generically for the type of skate kinda like Xerox is used generically for photocopiers. These are actually pretty special skates from a company called Roces and if you look you’ll see there are five wheels on each skate. These are for speed and endurance and they were my transportation before I got my driver’s license. Yes, they’re from the fabulous 1990s and the decals that decorate them are from that glorious time as well!

I’m probably going to work at losing quite a bit more weight before I get back on these as I don’t want to inadvertently damage them, but I do plan on putting a bunch more miles on them!

I Found My Old Phones!

So, I’d used my old Camelbak backpack for clothing and just about everything else during my years on the road in a semi truck. With that life firmly in my past, I finally got around to going through my old backpack which is when I found these old phones. The iPhone 4 was my first smartphone and the iPhone 6 replaced it a few years later. Both were subsequently succeeded by my iPhone 8+ which is what I’m still using.

The iPhone 4 is a 3G CDMA phone, so it’s never going to get back on a cellular network as 3G is being deactivated across the USA later this year, but it still works on WiFi. The iPhone 6 is still a viable backup device. Both needed new batteries and the iPhone 6 needed a new screen. I purchased all the parts for a total of around $35 on eBay and replaced them with YouTube videos serving as instructions.

Both of these old phones are now back in good working condition and it’s fun to use them and think of how much things have changed in personal tech over the last few years.

Indian Food

Many years ago when I was little, the family across the street from us were recent immigrants from India. They had a couple of young daughters and everyone fit in with each other. We had Jews, Christians, Blacks, Whites, and Asians. It was a melting pot where we just didn’t care that we were different in those ways.

I was invited over to our Indian friends’ home for meals many times and that food was GOOD 😁 During my time in trucking I found quite a few places with Indian food, but rarely had the time to stop and enjoy them. There are many people from that country who’ve found work in that industry and Love’s truck stops seems to cater to them more than the other chains of truck stops. I found this line of heat and eat meals at the Love’s truck stop in Tolleson, AZ. It’s not quite as good a Moliga’s cooking, but it is delicious and it brings back fond memories 😎

Songs I’ve Lived – Junior Brown – Highway Patrol

Dad was California Highway Patrol for about 31 years. He didn’t care for office or organizational politics. Dad was a patrol officer for his entire career by his own choice.

I remember Dad bringing his patrol car home for dinner a few times (especially on Thanksgiving) and letting me play with the PA system and lights on the car 😁

Dad’s a lot older now than when he retired back in the early 2000s. But Dad was and is a true American Badass 😎👍

Songs I’ve Lived – Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

It all goes back to high school and Sifrona. While we were never a “couple,” Sifrona Bailey was pretty much my soulmate and other half from the time we were in high school together until she passed away in her sleep in 2019.

Now, I’d been a Pink Floyd fan long before I met Sif at Poway High School. We were both big fans and we had a blast at the 3D laser light show down in Balboa Park.

Wish You Were Here became “our song” back in the day and it still is today. And how I wish Sifrona were here.

I still love you, Sif ❤

Now, if you’ll pardon me I’ve got to go see who’s chopping onions again…

The Cockpit of an SR-71 Blackbird is Pretty Cool!!!

It’s been quite a few years now (IIRC about 15 or so) since I stumbled into the opportunity to have a seat in the cockpit of an actual SR-71 Blackbird. I’d gone to the airshow at March Field in SoCal with my friend Adrienne. We went to the March Field Air Museum first before going to the Air Reserve Base across the field.

Now, I knew the museum had an SR-71 Blackbird. I didn’t expect to see a ladder with a sign saying it was $5.00 to sit in the cockpit! Still near the top of the fastest times I’ve had my wallet out and near the top of the best $5 I’ve spent LOL!

Good times 😎👍

A Bit of Nostalgia

My 1988 IROC Z/28
I miss my 1988 IROC Z/28

Yes, this is a scan of an old Polaroid from around 2000 or so. That car is my now long departed 1988 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z/28. There were quite a few times when I thought about wrapping a chain around the bar between the T-tops and using it as an anchor, but I had some awesome times with it, too.

I bought it from a supposed friend who said it was perfect. Then I did an oil change and the oil came out looking like a chunky chocolate milkshake. It turned out that my alleged friend had overheated the engine and there was an eight inch crack in the lifter valley. I had the motor swapped with a little help from my friends. There were still problems with the “new” 305 TPI V8 from a 1989 Firebird. The check engine light wouldn’t go out and the engine leaked approximately two to three quarts of oil a week. I just used 20W50 and changed the filter occasionally.

I needed to figure out a way to smog it in a few weeks when a 17 year old driver who’d had her license for 10 days hit this car and totaled it. I broke even overall with the settlement.

I’d love to get another ’88 IROC, but there’s a few issues. All I find are either the equivalent of a wrecked WWII fighter in the jungle of a south Pacific island that needs a total rebuild or I find a 5,000 mile garage queen with a bunch of trophies with an asking price that’s more C8 Corvette than ’80s Camaro. I can’t seem to find another daily driver with minor issues.

Maybe someday…