Songs I’ve Lived – Floor Jansen – Alone (Cover)

Yes, this is another post in the “Songs I’ve Lived” series. And that’s because I definitely know this feeling deeply, personally, and repeatedly. The version most people know is by Heart and is great in its own way. It’s very energetic and very 1980s. This version with Floor Jansen is slowed way down, has no electric guitars or drums, and uses only Floor’s voice and a piano (played by a member of her first band who has a Knighthood and operates his own recording studio) to reach in and push so many emotional buttons…

As I said in an earlier post, sometimes I’ll explain the backstory with people, places, and history. Sometimes I won’t. A few of my friends will probably know the details on this one. But I’m not going to give details here or now.

Click, listen, and drink it all in.