Radios – Radioddity GS-5B Handheld UHF/VHF Amateur Radio

So, I talked a little bit about the new ham radio I’d ordered before it arrived. Well, it’s here now and I’ve had a few days of playing with it and its programming software and I’m happy to say it’s been FANTASTIC 😎

As you can see, I’d ordered a Radioddity GS-5B. This radio is VERY ORANGE LOL! My first impressions were that it feels like it’s a quality item. The clicky buttons and power/volume knob all have a very positive feel. The display and button backlights are large, clear, and bright. The flashlight on the bottom is also very bright and really practical as well.

I’ve had a few chances to actually work repeaters around the local area with a very affordable magnetic mount mobile antenna and so far the reports are pretty impressive 😁 Reception on VHF ham frequencies, NOAA weather, and commercial broadcast FM frequencies has been great with both the stock rubber duck and the magnet mount antenna.

As far as programming, it’s not too bad through the keypad, but I’m glad it’s pretty easy via a PC with the included USB cable. There are a few mildly annoying limitations in the PC software, but overall it’s pretty easy. The Bluetooth programming via apps on my iPhone and Android tablets has worked flawlessly so far as well.

One other thing I’ve found out is that this appears to be very closely related to or possibly a re-branded Senhaix 8800 radio which you can see here. That’s not a bad thing at all as it would probably help bring the price down. Click that link and check out the pics. The internal chassis appears to be pretty beefy and the plastic appears to be quality in the disassembly pics.

My overall impression so far is that this is a fantastic value for the money. It appears to transmit and receive well, the other features seem to work well, and it didn’t break the bank 😉

I’ll post updates as time goes on, but for now I’m truly satisfied with my purchase 😎

Radios – Retrevis RT75 FRS Walkie Talkies

Ham radio is a fantastic thing in my ever so humble opinion. The thing is that anyone using a ham radio needs a license. That means they had to have studied, taken a test, and done a few more things. Now, I know there are five year old licensed ham radio operators, but some people just aren’t up for that. At least not at the moment.

When you just need short range communications with people who don’t want to get a ham license, FRS (Family Radio Service) radios can be a great option! I got this pair on eBay for $5.99 with free shipping. They only transmit with about 0.5 watt so they probably have around a mile range on level ground, but that’s not a problem for me.

The reason I got these radios is that sometimes Ember needs to go to the restroom or back to the car when we go fishing or she’ll go off for a walk by herself while we’re out for a picnic. This way she can get ahold of me if she needs to for some reason. And honestly $5.99 is pretty cheap peace of mind 😎

She Still Loves Museums

Ember at the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum in Price, UT 01/23/2021

My daughter Ember has pretty much grown up in museums. And she loves to go to them to this day. Any museum. It doesn’t matter what it is.
And I can’t say how much I love that about her 😊

I’m Back AGAIN!!!

So… Welcome back AGAIN LOL! I had a WordPress blog installed here before, but something went wrong. I’d thought I’d be able to change the admin password and more when Iwas setting everything up. I should have been able to do that, but there was a glitch. I looked into a bunch of possible fixes, but to no avail. I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall WordPress. Yeah, Iwasn’t too thrilled, either.

In any case, I’m back up and working now and looking forward to building a fun personal blog like I’ve had in the past!