WX2HOT – Getting Back on the Air

WX2HOT… That might be a bit familiar to some of y’all reading this right now. WX2HOT is my vanity call sign for Amateur Radio on file with the Federal Communications Commission. My originally assigned call sign from the FCC was KE7VYA. Now, there’s nothing wrong with my original call sign, but I thought it was funny with the rather toasty summer weather in Vegas to get WX2HOT since WX is a contraction for weather 😉

I’ve renewed my ham radio license for another ten years, but I’m missing actually having a radio. You see, things happened to some of my stuff on my truck… Anyway, as you can see above, I’ve ordered a new radio which should be delivered in the next week or two. The new radio is made in China, but no other radio I’ve found has the combination of features in this one.

This should be fun and entertaining 😁

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