Songs I’ve Lived – Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

How does this fall under “Songs I’ve lived” you might ask? Yes, I lived in Las Vegas and I’ve gambled in more than a few towns in the vast state of nothingness known as Nevada. Now, all of my gambling experience has been in entirely legal establishments. That is all of my CASINO gambling experience…

We won’t talk about the guy I met in the New York New York casino in Las Vegas, NV shortly after my 21st birthday who wanted to go in on a pallet of wine, who said, “We’re Italians – We don’t play games.” and who I’m sure was a mafia hitman from later disguised interviews…

You see, there’s a lot more in life that falls under this song than just playing cards in casinos. There’s CDL school. There’s solo long haul OTR trucking. There’s learning to ride a motorcycle and then riding that insane machine all through Las Vegas.

Don’t get me started on helping to raise an 8yo daughter 🤣

Good times and if they weren’t good then, they’re freaking awesome looking back years later 😎

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