Good Friends and Motorcycles

Motorcycles require much more maintenance than the new cars we have these days. The oil in a motorcycle doesn’t just lubricate and clean the engine like it does in a car engine. It also has to do the same things in the transmission and frequently in the wet clutch. My motorcycle is air cooled and as such has no radiator or coolant. It also doesn’t have an oil cooler. Then there’s the air cleaner that’s more out in the breeze than there is in a car and the fuel filter that’s up under then fuel tank. My V-Star also has a shaft drive with a final drive similar to a differential on a pickup truck and that oil needed to be changed as well. We also replaced the front brake pads, replaced the spark plugs, and adjusted a few things.

My motorcycle is running great these days and I recently pushed the odometer past 25,000 miles. Things are going pretty well on two wheels 😎

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